Crafting delicious cheeses

Our plant is supplied with approximately 550,000 pounds of fresh milk every day from our local family farms, that’s 65,890 gallons of milk!  With all that fresh, high quality milk, our cheesemakers craft 19 million pounds of cheese annually.  The vast majority of that cheese is sold by the semi-load to our clients, who in turn, chunk, shred, or grate the cheese and package it under their brand. 

In 2019, our cheesemakers began crafting delicious white cheddar cheese curds.  Our tasty curds have already become a local favorite. Unlike our Italian cheeses, all the curds we produce are sold only through our retail store.  Along with the plain white cheddar curds, we also offer a variety of hand-spiced flavored curds.  We also recently began producing mild, white cheddar, which is for sale in our retail store, this delicious cheddar is available either plain or in a variety of flavors.

Watch how we create our artisanal wheels of Parmesan, Romano and Asiago cheeses. It’s fresh from the farm origin follows a rigorous process that’s unmatched for quality that delivers our world-class results.

Eau Galle Cheese Journey Video

Plant Photo Gallery

Photos of our factory. A sneak peak into making cheese!