Eau Galle Cheese

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Imported from England and known for its blue veins that radiate from the center. It has a strong ear..
These crackers are generously seasoned with a custom blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway see..
Made with wonderfully rich and pure maple syrup and our native sweet and famous, wild blueberries. P..
Mix this brightly flavored Raspberry Syrup into your favorite smoothie recipe for a burst of refresh..
You'll love the classic Italian pairing of fragrant rosemary and briny olives in a thin, crispy crac..
Fun to eat! Mild Mozzeralla cheese you can string apart. ..
Mozzerella cheese with a smoked flavor that strings apart to eat. ..
Fresh mozzerella cheese in long narrow ropes. Kids love 'em! ..
Sharp nutty flavor, large eyes (holes), firm texture. ..
Mild swiss flavor, slightly nut-like. Low fat, low sodium cheese. ..
$106.00 SHIPPED OR $78.00 CARRYOUT 1 lb. Parmesan 1 lb. Mild Cheddar 1 lb. Co-Jack ..
$67.00 SHIPPED OR $42.OO CARRYOUT 1 lb. Colby Longhorn 1 lb. Aged Cheddar 1 lb. Co-Jack ..