Eau Galle Cheese

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Our white Cheddar cheese with onion, garlic, and chives added. Top Seller! ..
Our specialty — award winning! Buttery, nutty, sweet, mellow flavor. ..
Our specialty-Award Winning!! Buttery, nutty, sweet, mellow flavor   ..
Monterey Jack with jalepeno peppers and a smokey flavor. ..
Monterey Jack with jalepeno peppers. Zesty flavor! ..
Our specialty! Aged longer, buttery, nutty, slightly stronger flavor than parmesan. ..
Our speciality-award winning! Buttery, nutty, sweet flavorfuly cheese aged 2-3 years for a more aged..
Light and flaky, made with extra virgin olive oil and grey sea salt from France. ..
Mild and sweet flavor with pieces of salami throughout. ..