Eau Galle Cheese

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White cheddar, mild, fresh dairy taste. Squeaky & rubbery texture. ..
Our specialty! Buttery, nutty, slightly stronger flavor than parmesan. ..
Coated in wax to naturally help preserve the delicious mild cheddar inside. ..
Piquant, with full, earthy flavor. Great for salads and dressing. ..
White Cheddar Cheese, aged 8 years, with an intense sharp flavor. ..
Aged five years or more. Intense sharp flavor,  texture becomes crumbly and granular because of..
White cheddar curds with our own mild cajun seasonings added. ..
Squeaky fresh cheddar curds  seasoned with garlic and dill. ..
What's the best friend a cracker ever had? Cheese spreads from Eau Galle Cheese! Use them anywhere a..